Choose your favorite photo of your furry friend. Ensure the photo captures the animal's face up close, with nothing covering it, in appropriate lighting. It is important to show any markings or coloring that is unique to your animal.


Size and Pricing

Your pet pop-art painting will brighten up any space, whether it is in your home or barn. Pricing is based upon painting size. Pick from the available sizes and prices listed below:

8"x10" - $45.00

11"x14" - $70.00

14"x17" - $98.00

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.



Each painting is done using a monochromatic color scheme, meaning only ONE color is chosen. Within the painting, there are variations of the chosen color to create depth and to showcase distinctive features. Have a color in mind? We have them all! Choose a color that is special to you and your animal.


Turn-Around Time

Each painting takes about 3-5 days to complete, package, and have shipped out. During the painting process, Equisite shares progressive photos to ensure the portrait is to the customer's liking. Our goal is to capture the true beauty and emotion of your animal through a pop-art portrait.

General Information

Shipping Expense

Depending on the size of the painting, shipping fees range. Please reference the information below for costs:

8"x10" Shipping Expense - $7.00

11"x14" Shipping Expense - $10.00

14"x17" Shipping Expense - $13.00

How to Order

Contact for Inquiries

Tel: (631) 707-1445

Email: Contactequisite@gmail.com

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